Yayınlanma Kamp

Within the scope of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers – University cooperation, under the name of academic camp, creation of a scientific discussion environment, where young researchers at the post graduate and doctoral student level from the universities and research institutions and academics specialized on the subject matters will come together is aimed.

Along with the courses taking 4 (four) days at various locations within the country and carried out twice a year as Spring and Winter Camps, Academic Camps including social events are carried out as well.

Different from workplaces, educational events, congresses, conferences and similar events, establishment of a more effective, direct and one-to-one communication of the people working in the same field is among the objectives of the camp. With the Academic Camp, gathering of young researchers from all over Turkey who are EMO members and scientists expert in the subject matters belonging to the disciplines and sub-disciplines which they are in need of, in a convenient and free environment is provided.

The subject of the third Academic Camp, which the first one carried out in 2012, has been determined as "Developments in Electrical Machines and Power Electronics", after being evaluated together with the results of previous camps. The latest developments and researches on this subject will be instructed to participants in an interactive format by specialist scientists. This camp is carried out in coordination of Prof. Dr. Bülent Ertan and Doç. Dr. Timur Aydemir.


Nesin Matematik Köyü [Nesin Mathematics Village] – Şirince, İzmir

Information regarding the camping area, accommodation and other details can be reached from this address: http://matematikkoyu.org/.


12 – 15 May 2016 (4 Days)


Applications will be received electronically at www.akademikkamp.org .

Application deadline:  11 April 2016

The results of the application will be notified to the participants on 14 April 2016.


  1. Prof. Dr. Bülent Ertan - Choice of Pole Number of Two-Rotor Axial-Flux PM Motor for Control Moment Gyroscope / An Approach for the Calculation of End Winding Leakage for SR Motors
  2.  Assoc. Dr. Timur Aydemir - Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles
  3.   Burak Özpineci – Recent Developments in Drive Technology for Electric Vehicles
  4.    Prof. Dr. Güven Önbilgin – Axial Fluxed Permanent Magnetic  Synchronous Machines
  5.     Assoc. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene - Synchronous Reluctance Motors
  6.    Assist. Assoc. Dr. Murat Göl - Power Quality in Smart Grids
  7.   Prof. Dr. Murat Barut – The Effects of Parameter Variations on Achievment of Vector Control in Asynchronous Machines
  8.     Prof. Dr. Sedat Sunter - Matrix Converters
  9.   Assist. Assoc. Dr. Tolga Sürgevil “Realization of Indirect Vector Control with DSP in the Off-Grid Self-Excited Asynchronous Generator”
  10.   Prof. Dr. Hamit Serbest - Is Education a Good Thing?
  11.   Prof. Dr. Tayfun Akgül - Ethics of Science
  12.  Prof. Dr. Atilla Bir – A Section From the History of Science
  13.   Prof. Dr. Ali Nesin - Engineers and Mathematics

Program with the above content will be notified to those admitted to the camp before the camp started.


·         To be an EMO member

·         To be a Master's or PhD student who is working in the field of Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and in similar areas.



·         Those who are applying for the camp will be asked to answer the following questions found in the Application Form:

·         Why do you want to participate in this camp?

·         What is (are) the topic(s) you want to study / are studying?

·         What is the name of your advisor and its opinion?

·         Contact information?


These responses will be considered by the Selection Committee and results will be notified by e-mail. Camp will be carried out by 60 (sixty) participants.



Accommodation, food expenses and transfer to İzmir- Şirince of 50 participants who are being accepted will be covered by EMO. Travelling to İzmir will be covered by the participants’ selves. Shuttle hours for İzmir –Şirince - İzmir transfers will be announced on the website before the camp. In case of arrival times of the buses/flights are different than shuttle hours participants should come to Şirince by themselves.

·         Accommodations will be at the Şirince Mathematics Village. Participants will be accommodated in rooms for 6-8 persons. Before you apply checking out the camping conditions by entering the Şirince Mathematics Village’s web site is suggested: http://nesinkoyleri.org/. The participants who are not willing to stay there may stay in hotels in Şirince Village with their own funding.

·         Regarding the travel and accommodation of participants people can contact with the following numbers.


For more information:



Camp Secretariat

Electrical Engineers Headquarters

Oylum Yıldır

0312 4253272 ext:122

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